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Personalised Themed Cakes

We have introduced a new collection of Personalised Picture Cakes for the themes which are searched the most.

Spiderman Cakes
Themed parties can go way long as you can think..What kids love the most is something from the fictional or adventurous world.
A Spiderman theme party is a sure winner among young boys. We introduce a range of new designs of Spiderman cakes. 
These designs start from range of £39, a picture cake and upto £200 as per different sizes & complicated designs.  

Best Sellers
Spiderman Birthday Cake
Spiderman Cake with Toy Toppers
Peppa Pig Cakes

Popular cartoon characters leave an indelible mark in the minds of the children and if they find them in their birthday cakes their joy knows no bounds. This adds to the surprise and the curiosity level that the children already have when their birthdays are near. Considering this, CakerStreet has some innovative Peppa pig cake design stored for kids according to their imagination. One can view a range of such cakes on its website and avail them online at a click of a button.


Peppa pig images are variously used in cakes, sometimes as a fondant itself and sometimes as a decoration according to customized demands. CakerStreet focuses on the customization of peppa pig cakes to keep the curiosity level up in the minds of the children
Peppa Pig Cake with Happy Birthday Candle
Peppa Pig Birthday Cake
Legalised Peppa Pig Cake with Coin Bank