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About Caker st.

Who are we?

Having experience in running cake shops and bakeries in and around the London area since 1990, allows us to understand cake makers, their market trend and customer demands. Based at 2 locations in West London and 1 in Central London, Caker Street brings cake makers and buyers on a single platform with a hassle free system.

Why Choose Us?

Bridging the gapsCaker Street is a unique and one of a kind online cake ordering and delivery site. The concept has been designed to ease out all the difficulties faced by customers in placing cake orders. In a nutshell, Caker Street is an online marketplace for cake makers to list their products and forget marketing & promotional hassles. This unique platform also helps you to explore cake makers in your local area and place orders accordingly. You can now pick and choose everything for the cake starting from size, dietary restrictions and how they would like their cake to be decorated from the comfort of their home.

How is Caker Street Convenient for Customers?

Like we said, we bridge the gaps between bakers and customers. With the Caker Street team by your side you can choose all the details that would go into making your cake without having to confront the baker and spend your precious time on it. We have a user-friendly customer requirement form besides a professional customer service team working afterhours to take care of your requirements, simplifying the process of ordering a cake to the fullest. Here’s how we simplify the purchase process for you.

Cakes at competitive market price:

It’s hard to put a price on creativity and hence the bakery industry has gone unregulated since its advent. With the inconvenience you face while asking for a quotation, like overcharging, getting the best price is quite a stressful task. Here’s how we do it.

We work directly with the bakers and with a large customer base we get wholesale negotiable price that allows us to offer you the best price possible, which differs widely when you approach the bakers directly.

While the bakeries are busy during the weekends, trying to meet deadlines, we are capable of delivering 1000s of cakes every week. We distribute the entire cake making process of sponge baking, coating and toppers (wherever applicable) between multiple certified bakers. This assures we get the best price for each and every part of the cake while delivering it on time.

Late hour customer service:

UK Customer Service – Available 10:00AM to 5:00PM

INDIA Customer Service -  Available between 5:00PM till 10:00 PM

Our customer service team works 10am to 10pm, meaning you can order a cake or forward your queries even after the bakery has closed. In other words, you don’t have to run last minute to place an order, you can do it with just a few clicks at the comfort of your home while consulting your family & friends.


More options for you:








Our continuously evolving database offers more than 70,000 plus cake designs allowing you to search for any and every type of cake you can think and wish for.



Every bakery offers personalisation but with a single bakery at your bay, your choices are limited to the skill set offered there. We have professionally trained bakers working with us who offer almost all types of custom made toppers and decorations in an affordable price range.


Postal Packaging:

Cake by Post !!!  No Way, Right?

Simple cakes without toppers or elaborate personalized decorations can be posted, but how one can manage to post a beautifully designed spiderman cake with spidy figures on top without damage???

You don’t need to drop a sweat when it comes to packaging and delivery of your cake, no matter how complex. Our well trained staff at Isleworth, London takes care of the packaging process, wherein we pack the toppers and extra decorations separately with a DIY instruction note. We provide custom made packages, to ensure your cake reaches you in the most perfect condition possible.

What if the cake doesn’t arrive on time?

We literally have a 99.9% success rate delivering cake right on time in a perfect condition. The delivery service will send you text alerts 2 hours before delivery time. We do all it takes for our customers to enjoy their special day with a sweet treat from Caker Street.

What if I miss the delivery?

We work closely with courier service offering over-night delivery to keep track of your cake. In case of your absence the courier service will either leave the cake in a safe space if available or leave you a card with their contact details for you to contact them and arrange for re-delivery.


Personal Delivery:

In case your location is near the bakery making your sweet treat, we can arrange for same day delivery at your convenient time.


How is Caker Street Convenient for Bakers?

We understand, your hands do the magic to bake every piece of cake to perfection and it’s worth every penny. To help you stay focused on the baking part we take care of the rest. Here’s how our well structured system helps you reach out to more customers:

  • We take care of the marketing for you. We promote your business through our online platform through Google adverts to reach out to more customers and prevent your business from going unnoticed.
  • With our postal cake methodology we offer bakers an added bonus to selling cakes and reach out to customers located several miles away from the bakery.
  • If your bakery is nearby to the customer’s location, you can choose to deliver it yourself or we can take care of the delivery irrespective of the nearness to customer’s location.


More Queries?

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