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Welcome to Caker Street Blogs! Here we will keep you posted with what’s new around. You can see our latest collection, get a prize by winning a competition, get updates with improvisations in Caker Street & what’s trending.

What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when it’s time for a celebration? A Cake! We get 100s of calls & chats everyday and the questions are - ‘’I need a Birthday Cake for my little one’’, ‘’I am looking for the best Anniversary Cake I can get for my parents’’, ‘’Do you do Wedding Cakes’’, ‘’Need help with my friend’s Baby Shower Cake’’, etc,. There are various occasions and sometimes it gets complicated choosing the design.

With 1000s of options available, you’re just a few clicks away in selecting the best design for your  special one. The categories on your left will help you filter your search and if you need any help, please feel free to call our friendly sales team at 0203 900 3100 anytime between 10 AM & 10 PM.

Upcoming Products

Let’s pretend that you are searching for a Unicorn Cake and you reach Caker Street. Scrolling through the collection, you find the right design and now you’ve decided to place the order. How about some Unicorn Cupcakes? You will get them at the same place. Yes, We are coming up with 1000s of Cupcake Designs.

Now, could it be better? Ofcourse!! Another click and here are all the Unicorn Theme Party Accessories… Unicorn hats, balloons, table cover, paper plates, paper glasses & much more. So, you can now rock the party with one stop shop, CAKER STREET.


Unicorn Cupcakes - Pack of 6
Unicorn Cupcakes - Pack of 6