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How many times have you faced the indecisions of customers and your difficulty in painting a detailed picture of your own baking capabilities?Voila! The ultimate friend of the bakers is here.Join cakerstreet.com to sell your products with the efficiency never seen before!
Selling Options
We offer two types of selling packages: Basic & Advanced
  Monthly charges
£49.99 Free*
Caker Street provides special features for a very reasonable monthly charge of £49.99. If the features do not cater to your needs, please sign up for Basic package which has no extra monthly charges. * The first two months are totally free after you join. From the third month you will be charged at £49.99/month on cakerstreet.com
  Sales Commision
A 10% sales commission is charged on each successful sale.
  Payment Processing
A minimal 4% Payment processing fee is charged after you take a payout.
Features and advantages
  Completely detailed personal store
(After you register with us, you get a completely detailed store profile area that gives you the facility to list your bakery products and share its link with your bakery customers).
  Selling limits
35 items / Months
We offer two kinds of sellers. In basic package you can sell up to 20 items whereas in advanced package you can sell unlimited products.
  Advertising & Promotions
With advanced package, we invest on advertising & promotions for your best selling items. However, this facility is not available in basic package.
When you register with us, we will train you on how to enter your first ten products.
  Data entry (optional)
£5 / Item
£3 / Item
The service includes content evaluation, image cleaning, content writing and rephrasing.
Sign Up No charge for Sign Up
Sign Up No charge for Sign Up
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is required to open a bakery shop on Caker Street?

Creating your own bakery at Caker Street is quite easy. You need to create an account with us. Select a name for your shop and make a listing for your inventories. Then, you need choose the mode of payment which will be required to withdraw the earnings that you make on your sales and also select a billing method regarding your payment of Caker Street fees.

What are things you can sell on Caker Street?

Caker Street, as the name implies is a platform for bakers to sell their cakes. In addition to that you can also sell other items that you bake and also related accessories like candles, balloons and other small party decorative items.

What is the procedure of payment in Caker Street?

Caker Street gives you the privilege of using PayPal. The funds that you make through your sales here are transferred to your PayPal account automatically. It is recommended for the bakers to use their PayPal business account and not any personal account. Business account has unlimited monthly payment receiving facility and also can take in payments that buyers make using a credit card.

Is it necessary to create a bakery for credit or debit card?

In Caker Street you do not need to create a bakery for credit or debit cards. Verification for registration can be done through your PayPal account or your valid credit card. Until you open your bakery and upload a product, you would not be charged anything.