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Wedding cake
Wedding Cake
A wedding cake is an integral part of Western wedding culture. The main attraction being an exquisite Wedding cake, the newly married couple invest their heart and soul browsing the ultimate unique wedding cake for their special day. Cakerstreet Limited offers you a lavish range of wedding cakes to choose from. The partners can customize the size, the sponge, how many tiers they want i.e 2 tier wedding cake, 3 tier wedding cake; the colour options, the flavour and even the intricate detailing of the artistic design of the wedding cake. A lot of wedding cake images with budget friendly options are even available on our website...one can even order from there.
Lets celebrate the special day of yours with Cakerstreet Limited with our best wedding cakes. Just fill the form up and our expert will deliver the luscious, beautiful, dreamy wedding cake to you on the said date. We bake gluten free wedding cakes as well.